Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunset Plaza-Hollywood Hills

Seen on NBC’s Open House L.A.
Photos: AMOS Art Studio

Father’s Office

Photos: AMOS Art Studio

600 W. Digital Building

Koonce Residence

Stevie Concrete Polishing

A History of Terrazzo

What is Terrazzo?
Terrazzo, in various styles, has been used as a flooring product since Roman times. Today, it enjoys an enviable reputation as an attractive hard flooring that delivers an appealing combination of durability, ease of maintenance, beauty and performance.
Terrazzo is a manufactured composite of natural marble chippings and/or other durable aggregates set in a cement matrix with added color pigment. The marble chippings can be selected from a wide range of colors and sizes and set in practically any color of cement matrix to create an unlimited range of shades and effects. Grinding and polishing the surface after the matrix has set expose the terrazzo aggregate color and composition. And now with recycled glass the possibilities are endless.

How can Terrazzo be used?
In terms of volume, the biggest use by far is for floor tiles. Complementary features such as skirtings, staircases, upstands, partitions and other architectural characteristics can also be made from pre-cast terrazzo units.

Where is terrazzo used?
Terrazzo is mainly used internally. It can be found in supermarkets, shopping centres, railway stations, airports, reception areas, bakeries, showrooms and hospitals. 
A high quality, durable product, which is hygienic and easy to maintain, terrazzo can be used in most heavy-duty internal areas.
Why use terrazzo?
Terrazzo has many attributes, which make it an ideal choice:
• Extremely hard wearing
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Attractive in appearance
• Flexible – can be designed to be in keeping with other architectural features and color schemes
• Hygienic – suitable for some areas of food preparation and in hospitals
• Cost effective – will outlive most other types of hard flooring

Vischer Residence